Choosing a Favorite Rug For Your Room

It is one of the most common issues that how do we choose rug which can suit our decor and at the same time, it is not heavy on the pockets. Here we are going to mention top best category rugs which are doing the rounds for the couple of years and they are going to stay in trend for a while.

First and foremost, consider opting for premium and high end wool rugs which have been a staple element in the rug industry and it seems like this is going to be there till the end. Wool rugs are best known for their warmth and cozy factor which they endow to your floor. Apart from these, there are lot of other attributes which a wool rug offers like stain and fade resistance, durability, hard wearing, long lasting, soft to touch, and the last but not the least these wool rugs are easy to clean.

Then there is this budget and cheap rugs, polypropylene rugs. These rugs are extremely durable and long lasting but quality wise they are not that up to the mark. Though if you are looking for a short time and budget friendly rug, then polypropylene rugs are your best call.

There is this another material which is called polyester. Rugs made with polyester are super shiny, they have got a flickering sheen and lustrous appeal which no other rug may provide.

Striped rugs are simple yet elegant designed rugs which can be used for modern as well as traditional decor settings. Recently they are in trendy and due to their popularity, it looks like they are going to stay here for long.