7 Kitchen Improvements for Renters

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, not because it is the only space in your house where you cook food for your family, but also because you spend most of your time there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a career woman or a home maker; the kitchen is your lair, a place most sacrosanct for the lady of the house. If you’re living in your own home, then you can do any kind of alterations you need to your kitchen. For those living in a rented house, it is an impossible task. Many home owners give strict instructions not even to drive nails onto the walls. So, how can you make the kitchen more functional and more appealing to your tastes? There are several things you can do to improve your kitchen decor even if you’re living in a rented place. And your house owner will be no wiser about it when you finally vacate that place.

You can make some cool and functional changes to your kitchen without spending a lot of money. The kitchen improvements you make depend on the size and functionality of the room. If you have a smaller kitchen where just one person can stand, then your priority will be in increasing the storage space. In a larger kitchen you will have plenty of freedom to play around with the interiors and make it more suitable for your tastes.

Here are 7 improvements that you can try out in the kitchen of your rental home:

1. Magnetic Hooks – They’re small and can be fixed on to any metal surface. You can fix these hooks in a convenient place and hang hand towels or even spatulas and other cutlery items.

2. Floating Shelves – Another functional addition to your kitchen if you’re short of space. They don’t actually float, these shelves can be set up on the walls freeing up floor space for walking. Install the shelves at a convenient height, so you will be able to reach out to the containers placed on the shelves even as you’re cooking

3. Box Garden – Yes, you can have a very small herbal garden in your kitchen. Fill sand in boxes or old plastic bottles and place them by the window sill or on the window ledge. In these boxes, you can grow small herbs like coriander, parsley and more. Read up on box gardening before you set up one.

4. Add a kitchen island – It is a fancy addition to your kitchen. You can go for one of the portable ones. They give you more space to work and also store things. The island can be placed at the centre of the kitchen, which will give you easy access to all parts of the kitchen. You can also place a bar stool or an armless chair by the kitchen island, so you can sit down and do all your prep work.

5. Lighting – The right kind of lighting can help create the ambience that you want in your kitchen. For safety’s sake, have a bright incandescent light above the stove. You can also set up recessed lights if you use the kitchen as a dining room. A task light at the kitchen island or work counter will also brightly illuminate the space.

6. Taps – Remove old leaky taps and replace them with convenient ones to save water

7. Wall paper – You can line the wall behind the stove with pretty wall papers. They not only brighten the space, but also protect the walls from the cooking stains. Cleaning will be easy later one.