3 Fast, Cheap Kitchen Improvements

If you are selling your home, you should strongly consider making some upgrades to your kitchen.

Do you need a full remodel? That depends on your budget, the current condtion of your kitchen and how much it will increase your home value. In general, full remodels bring in more money when it is time to sell. But, there is a limit to this.

For example, if you live in an area where the houses sell on the low end of average, putting in marble floors and counter tops may be a waste. They can put the home out of the price range for the neighborhood.

If you are just looking to get your kitchen up to snuff without spending a ton of cash, check out these three tips:

1. Paint

Painting the walls, celling and touching up any areas where the walls are chipped, ripped, borken or the paint is smudged can give your kitchen an instant face lift.

If you are doing the job yourself, pay attention to the edging around windows, the floor boards and near the ceiling. If you hire a pro, they will do an excellent job of edging because they have special equipment and techniques.

Again, depending on your budget, going with a pro may make sense. If you are trying to stay as cheap as possible, a few gallons of paint and a roller can go a long way.

2. Put in new Plumbing Fixtures

Nothing can make a kitchen (And home) look more dated and old as old looking, worn out faucets and sink fixtures. Luckily, replacing them is fairly cheap and can often be done by yourself. If you have a more complicated set up, hire a plumber. Even if you have to go with a professional, the overall cost will be extremely cost effective.

Watch any TV show about selling or flipping houses and you will see just how much potential buyers pay attention to your faucets and lighting fixtures.

3. Replace Your Light Fixtures

Again, these can really make your kitchen look out of date. Be sure that the light fixtures match the rest of your kitchen theme (if your faucets are rubbed bronze, stainless steel light fixtures might not work well).